Hard Work Never Goes Unrewarded, by Akhutu Lynn Kayabe

September 28, 2013 · 2 comments


Twelve-year-old Akhutu Lynn Kayabe tells her story in a personal essay of how she got married to help her family, and particularly her younger siblings so that they could attend school. She is happy to share “Hard Work Never Goes Unrewarded” with Amran Hussein and Lift the Lid for Amran’s significant donation to Lenana Girls High School in Kitale, Kenya.

One of the key objectives of Lenana is to become 100% self-sufficient within 5-10 years. The school hopes to achieve this by developing businesses that will generate enough income to cover all the running costs. Such projects include a dairy business selling milk, a solar power battery charging business for people to charge their mobile phones, fruit tree production, crafts, sewing, bee keeping, etc. Members of the school and local community are involved in these businesses, and during the school year, the students contribute to the work as part of their curriculum, which is acknowledged at the national level. Plus, they learn the practical skills necessary to plan and run a successful business. The overall aim is the empowerment of the girls and a self-sufficient school.

Lenana would like to use Amran’s donation to buy the wood and labor to build a structure for the first major income-generating food project at the school. The building will store cereals/grains, which will be food for the students and for sale. Thank you, Amran! And thank you, Akhutu, for the time and courage you put into your writing!

Click on the images below to read Akhutu’s personal story “Hard Work Never Goes Unrewarded.” Click a second time on each page and it will magnify:




  • http://www.lift-the-lid.org/how-it-works/who-we-are/ Sara Goff

    Congratulations, Akhutu, for winning Second Place with “Hard Work Never Goes Unrewarded” in Lenana Girls High School’s First Annual Writing Competition sponsored by Lift the Lid. Well done!


  • http://www.commongroundforafrica.org Joshua Machinga

    Dear Sara and Amran,

    We are really excited and thankful for your donation towards our school. Recognizing the need to improve the educational opportunities for girls, Common Ground for Africa (CGA) through Lenana Girls High School will help marginalized and improvised girls in the region by improving access to and quality of education with three broad outcomes,as outlined below:-

    1.Building girl-friendly school environment
    2.Providing targeted support to female learners.
    3.Generating parent and community support for girls` education

    Thank you for supporting us in these efforts.

    Joshua Machinga.

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