So Much More Than a School, The School in a Cart

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The street kids in Cubao, the Philippines need The School in a Cart for the same reasons why other kids need a home. The School in a Cart is a safe place where the students are cared for, encouraged to stay in school, and assisted with their learning and life-skills. The School in a Cart is also a Breakfast in a Cart, a Shower in a Cart,  a Medical Clinic, and a Vacation Bible School. The students are taught health and hygiene, cooking, and they even celebrate the holidays in the Cart.

Principal Alfredo Olavidez, teacher Nonie, and their regular volunteers go beyond giving their time and energy; they give themselves to the students. They attend graduations, they organize recreational trips to the zoo, and for rewards, they take everyone out for special dinners. How does it all happen? Donations. The shoes and uniforms, the daily meals, and the learning tools come from YOU. Please remember Lift the Lid and The School in a Cart the next time you’re inspired to give to those in need.

Lift the Lid has sponsored The School in a Cart since December of 2011. As we encourage the students to write short pieces about their lives and feelings, we see their growing potential to break the cycle of poverty in their family. With The School in a Cart it can be done!


Praying during Vacation Bible School 2014.


Cooking pancakes with teacher Nonie. Team effort is always important.


Music makes their lessons memorable.


Check-ups for everyone!


Principal Alfredo Olavidez standing with Jordan, who is proud of  his essay.

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