Runners of the Kenyan Lunchbox

September 6, 2014 · 1 comment

Lift the Lid, a 501(c)(3) charity, ran a 10k in London to raise money for a lunch program at Namelok Junior Academy in Kisamis, Kenya, feeding 88 primary-aged boys & girls.

We had a great team that came out on a very special sunny London day!

(logo by Edward Buta)

Why did we raise money for this cause at the Namelok Junior Academy?

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1) Namelok is an impressive school for three reasons:

Equality:  Namelok educates both boys and girls with the hope of seeing all their students continue onto secondary school and university.

According to the Center for the Study of Adolescence, in Kenya 35 percent of girls between the ages 16 and 20 are still in school, compared to about 50 percent of boys.

Accessibility: Namelok has the lowest fee structure of the four schools in the area. They take in children of the poorest families, children who might not otherwise go to school.

All donations raised go directly to the school and Lift-the-Lid covers all of its own operating costs making this 100% effective.

Results: Of the schools Lift the Lid supports, the poems and personal essays from Namelok are the most imaginative, innocent, and sincere. No matter how simple the topic, a boy’s new bookbag or a note to a teacher, the writings from Namelok Junior Academy will make you stop and think. These kids care, they want to learn, and they’re hungry.

2) A kitchen to serve lunch is critical to education

The best way we can help the students of Namelok Junior Academy to learn, grow, and succeed in life is to give them a healthy lunch everyday. The best way we can help the school is to develop self-sustaining projects, such as agriculture. Our fundraise will also go towards planting vegetables, maize potatoes, and beans.

Here’s the cost breakdown: £1100 ($1800) to build a kitchen and £2000 ($3200) for 88 lunches for one school year, or 200 days, at £10 ($16) per day. Our goal: £3000 ($5000).

So far we have raised £3,000 so we still have £0 to raise to reach our target of £3,000.

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Step 1: You can still sign up to Donate!

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Steps 2-10,000: Run through beautiful Regent’s Park in London!

What will Lift the Lid do for you?

Lift the Lid will make you smile. We’ll send videos and photographs of the kitchen and the students eating lunch. You’ll be able to read Thank You notes on our website at, as well as see the students’ test scores before and after the lunch program.

We’ve got the students, you bring the lunch. Run with us on Sunday the 5th of October in Regent’s Park or support our run and make a donation. EVERY CHILD DESERVES A DAILY MEAL!

Noel Naitetoi-photo-First Annual Poetry Winner-What Lies Ahead-Namelok-Nov2013

  • Sara Goff

    Runners of the Kenyan Lunchbox is our first major fundraising event, and my first 10k race! Thank you for joining us in getting food to the children of Namelok Junior Academy! Even if you aren’t able to make it to the race in Regent’s Park, your donation is what counts!

    A lunch program at Namelok Junior Academy in the rural town of Kisamis, Kenya (about 45km from Nairobi) will bring a daily balanced meal to 88 boys and girls. We’re doing everything necessary to support these students’ education; nutrition is a critical start.

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