In Her Shoes, by Lavina Yego

December 26, 2014 · 1 comment


Lift the Lid and Lenana Girls High School in Kitale, Kenya are grateful for the Lindgren Family’s Christmas donation. This past year, we have been working to implement The Miracle Project to make reusable menstrual cups available to the girls; we’ve built a water well; and we’ve assisted select conscientious students with their school fees. Our latest project, going into 2015, is to take part in helping Lenana build a science laboratory. Science is an integral part of life and students need more than books to fully understand its purpose.

To express our gratitude, Lavina Yego has written a poem called “In Her Shoes,” which makes the point that graduating from high school is just the beginning. Education, training, mentoring, and financial assistance must continue through university and beyond. It is a long and fascinating road of sacrifice and hard work, but girls must stay on it to improve themselves, their family and community. Thank you, again!

Lavina Yego-In Her Shoes poem-Jones Lindgren-Lenana-Dec2014

In Her Shoes, photo, Jones Lindgren, Lenana, Dec2014

  • Sara Goff


    Keep on walking in your shoes! I know you will. This is a beautifully written and intelligent poem, and I’m proud to share it with the people who believe in Lift the Lid, in Lenana Girls High School, and in you, as well.

    Work hard in your journey to becoming the woman you want to be and you will look back on it as the best time of your life. Thanks for teaming with us, Lavina!


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