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Join Millicent’s Team for the NIKE ALL WOMEN 10K RACE on Sunday, the 21st of June, 2015 at Victoria Park, London! A group of strong, motivated and caring women will run for disadvantaged girls in Kenya who have proven their desire for education despite extreme poverty.

The chosen girls who attend LENANA GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL in Kitale, Kenya have shouldered the burden of loss and neglect, yet they’ve managed to score respectable marks on Kenya’s national exam for entrance into high school. LIFT THE LID, a registered U.S. charity founded in 2010, in partnership with the onsite charity COMMON GROUND FOR AFRICA, has sponsored Lenana since they broke ground three years ago.

Get to know three of the girls seeking assistance. (Click on the essays to open them. Click a second time to enlarge them.)

Pauline Chesang-photo-Nike All Women-Lenana-June2015

Pauline Chesang

Pauline Chesang-Nike All Women essay1-Lenana-June2015     Pauline Chesang-Nike All Women essay2-Lenana-June2015

Pauline Chesang a Akinyi Prudence-photo-Nike All Women-Lenana-June2015

Pauline Chesang and Akinyi Prudence

Akinyi Prudence-Nike All Women essay1-Lenana-June2015     Akinyi Prudence-Nike All Women essay2-Lenana-June2015

Agnes Mbula-photo-Nike All Women-Lenana-June2015

Agnes Mbula

Agnes Mbula-Nike All Women essay1-Lenana-June2015     Agnes Mbula-Nike All Women essay2-Lenana-June2015

The Cost of One Student’s Education:
1. Meals: $215 per year
2. Room and board: $430 per year
3. Tuition, room and board: $550 per year
4. Full sponsorship: $840 per year
5. Full sponsorship plus entrepreneurship training and community service: $1000 per year



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Millicent Villiers: 40 Bedford Square, London, WC1B 3HX

Sara Goff: 228 Park Avenue South, Suite 10919, New York, NY 10003


More About Lift the Lid:

Lift the Lid, Inc. helps struggling schools with little more than a roof and four walls. Overcrowded, lacking in tools, teachers and structure, these schools are often the only hope for children brimming with talent and the desire to learn.

We believe encouraging students to be creative instills confidence and hope. It also sends the message that someone cares. Sometimes that’s all it takes to reveal the hidden talent in children and to give them a future. For every donation of $20 or more, a student from one of the schools we sponsor will write a poem or personal essay, which is published on our website and shared with the donor. The donor can then leave the student an encouraging comment on our website, thereby creating a meaningful connection.


More About Lenana:

Lenana Girls High School offers free and/or affordable education to girls though income-generating projects and community support. This has been demonstrated at Pathfinder Academy (a co-ed primary school near Kitale started by Common Ground for Africa), where in addition to traditional studies, students engage in entrepreneurial activities, such as agricultural development, dairy farming, bee keeping, jewelry making and selling solar power for charging batteries. Pathfinder Academy has received multiple awards from the Ministry of Education for its varied curriculum and its positive influence on the community as a whole. Lift the Lid is thrilled to see Lenana Girls High School become a fully operating, self-sufficient haven of learning and development for vulnerable girls.


An Educated Woman:

An educated woman will know her rights and have the confidence and independence to stand up for them. She will choose whom to marry and when to marry.  She will have fewer children and they will be healthier and better educated than the previous generation. She will not circumcise her daughters. She will have economic security. She will spend 90% of her income on her family, compared to 35% that an educated man would spend. She will help support her parents. She will not forget where she came from.

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