Runners of the Kenyan Lunchbox, After One Year

January 25, 2016 · 1 comment

Sara Marona-photo with lunch-Masters-Namelok-Jan2016

(Photo) Sara in the Nursery Class at Namelok with her lunch.

It started with a race in Regent’s Park in London, England. On October 5th, 2014, 15 friends ran to raise the $5000 necessary to build a kitchen, buy the cups and plates, and keep the pantry stocked for one year at Namelok Junior Academy in Kisamis, Kenya. We met our goal and a lunch program was born for the year 2015. Now our goal is to keep it going.

Namelok’s enrollment is up to 96 students, and we want them to eat a hearty lunch every day at school. Most students eat a meager breakfast and walk long distances (some more than 6 kilometers) to and from school. A midday meal is critical to their learning, development, and success in life.

“We are very happy for the lunch we eat at school. It makes us active and happy.”  ~Agnes, a Fourth Grader

“Of our pioneers at Namelok, who are in Class Six, the highest scoring student in 2015 had marks of 350 out of 500 on the National Exam, compared to before the Lunch Program, when she scored 280 marks. The lowest scoring student in the same class earned 210 marks in 2015, compared to 170 marks the year before. *In all subjects, we  have seen about a 20% improvement. As the saying goes, a hungry man is an angry man. Since the Lunch Program, there is more concentration, rather than  angriness, because their stomachs are full.”  ~Mary Naipanoi, Head Teacher

Many thanks to the Masters Family and other generous donors who see the importance of continuing Namelok’s Lunch Program. If you’d like to help us, here’s where you can Donate.

Following the links for our previous updates on the Program and see below for recent photos. Thank you!!

Kitchen-Sara sitting-Namelok-Jan2016

Kitchen-boys sitting in shade-Namelok-Jan2016

Kitchen-waiting at the window-Namelok-Jan2016

  • Sara Goff

    I know how it feels to miss a meal…and that is why I place upmost importance on our Lunch Program at Namelok Junior Academy. It can make the difference in turning around the students’ lives.

    Congratulations to all the students for showing up every day at school and working as hard as you do. Namelok continues to produce the most creative essays and poems of the four schools Lift the Lid supports. I’m forever proud of you all!

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