Tree of Fruit, by Enock Pariken

January 26, 2016 · 1 comment

Enock Pariken-photo-Cherry-Namelok-Jan2016

Enock outside his school in Kisamis, Kenya

Every opportunity to write is an opportunity to look inside yourself, to see and understand life in a unique way, to build the courage to share yourself (your brilliance) with others. Lift the Lid is a two-fold charity. We raise funds to develop our sponsored schools, and we ask for something in return. Our students are talented, and have talents yet to be discovered, so we make that our business, asking them to write, to look deeper, to take a chance and to believe. They. Are. Worth. It.

Thank you, Cherry, for your generous donation to Namelok Junior Academy. Here is Enock’s free verse poem, TREE OF FRUIT, typed out. His original work is below:

“Teachers are like trees of fruit. Students may go to the trees and pick their favorite fruit and absorb all the sweet taste of learning. Others pick all sorts of fruit to make a salad. They mix all the learning together and share it with others. These are the most productive for future generations.”  ~Enock Pariken

Enock Pariken-Tree of Fruit-Cherry-Namelok-Jan2016

  • Sara Goff

    Enock, what a privilege it is to read and share your free verse poem, Tree of Fruit. You’ve done a great job using the analogy between fruit and learning to make your point more powerful. It’s one thing to simply write we should share our knowledge with others, and another to picture the succulent fruit on the trees…feel it in your hand as it’s being picked…and taste its sweetness. This is truly how we should understand knowledge!

    The key to becoming a great writer is writing every day! I hope to read more of your work, Enock! Thank you!


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