Phoebe Places 1st with Her Poem, What Makes Me Happy

August 27, 2016 · 1 comment

Phoebe Naserem-photo-Ask Now-Success-April2014

We are very excited to announce the 1st Place winner of Lift the Lid’s 3rd Annual Writing Competition at Namelok Junior Academy. Phoebe Naserem submitted the poem, “What Makes Me Happy,” and we knew at once that she had poured out her words from her heart. She is clearly a devout young woman with talent that is sincere and full of hope.

We would like to share her work with two special donors, Hans and Elizabeth, who also give back to life and others from their hearts!

*The above photo of Phoebe is from early 2014; we are waiting for more recent photos.

Phoebe Naserem-Happy-1st pl 3rd Comp-Hans-Namelok-June2016

  • Sara Goff

    Congratulations, Phoebe!! We hope to read more of your work in the future.

    We’re very proud of you, and we’re grateful to be able to share your work with two special donors. Keep writing and keep your heart open!


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