Mogonjet’s Seventh Annual Writing Competition – Congratulations, Vincent!

November 24, 2017 · 3 comments

Vincent Rop-7th Writing Comp-1st Pl-Mother essay-Mogonjet-Oct2017

A big congratulation to Vincent Rop of Mogonjet Secondary School in Bomet County, Kenya for placing First in Lift the Lid’s Seventh Annual Writing Competition! Vincent’s personal essay “My Loverly Mother” honors the sacrifices his mother made for him and his brother, her strength of will and unending love. He writes:

“Imagine she had no shoes! She used to walk around like a wild animal. Her feet exfoliated. She had become the laughing stock in the whole village. Whenever she walked around, people giggled behind her back. ‘How can she treat her children like angels, then walk bare-footed herself?'”

Now we honor Vincent. His honest and heartfelt essay, clearly written and with care and thought, will make his mother proud all her days. His reward money will help with his own schooling, as well as benefit his class at Mogonjet by purchasing exam prep books.

Vincent Rop-Lovely Mother-Mogonjet-Sept2017

Here is “My Lovely Mother”:

Vincent Rop-Lovely Mother-7th comp-1st pl-Mogonjet-Sept2017

  • Sara Goff

    Vincent, I know you are a hard worker at school. I’ve heard from the Administration and it shows in your writing. Keep up striving for your best, and those days when you feel discouraged (we all have those days) know that we are cheering for you. Keep going. Find a way. You’ll make your dreams in life come true!

    Congratulations on placing First in our Seventh Annual Writing Competition!!


  • Connie Mann

    Vincent, congratulations on placing first in the writing competition. Your essay is a beautiful tribute to a wonderful mother. A mum like yours is a treasure beyond price. Keep writing, keep striving to do your best in school and in life. You can make your dreams come true. We are cheering you on from America.

  • Sara Goff


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