Eighth Annual Writing Competition at Mogonjet

July 27, 2018 · 1 comment

Chepkemoi Dorothy-8th comp-1st pl-Mogonjet-July2018

We are happy and proud to announce the First Place winner of Lift the Lid’s Eighth Annual Writing Competition at Mogonjet Secondary School in Bomet County, Kenya. The essays this year were the best we’ve seen since we started working with Mogonjet in 2010. From grammar to structure, from the details to the revelations, the students’ writing has improved. Congratulations to all!

We chose one First Place winner, two Second Place winners, who will each receive a monetary award to put toward their class and personal education, as well as six Honorable Mentions. All the students receive books in a variety of genres.

Our 2018 First Place winner is Dorothy Chepkemoi for her essay titled, “This Is Me.” In it she describes a transitional time of her life, at age six, when her father passed away. In order to stay in school, she faced many hurdles. Villagers would call her “The Yellow Jerrycan” when she’d go out looking for milk and food. They’d close their doors. Classmates avoided her for her clothing and lack of soap and oils. But she didn’t become discouraged.

Every year, we highlight a few sentences from each submission and encourage the students to share them with each other. Here is what stood out to us in Dorothy’s essay:

“When I was in class five, I realized that I had no father. This really gave me the motivation to work extra hard in school. Since we were many, poverty started knocking at the door.”

You’re beating the odds, Dorothy. Congratulations on a well-deserved win!

Chepkemoi Dorothy-This Is Me-8th comp-1st pl-Mogonjet-July2018

  • http://www.saragoff.com/ Sara Goff

    You are an inspiration to many students, Dorothy. Students who might think an education isn’t worth the struggle for fees, uniforms, supplies, and then all the hard work. You’ve stuck with it and you can attest that the results are real. You can stand tall and with confidence as you continue to strive for the life you want to lead.

    You also give hope to students who are bullied and who face name-calling. That sort of behavior from others does not need to stand in your way or anyone else’s way. It may hurt deeply, but it doesn’t have to determine your life. You’ve kept going and are an example that it is possible.

    Congratulations on taking First Place in our Eighth Annual Writing Competition! Keep writing and believing in yourself!!


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