My Hard Work is Paying Off, by Kitkat

July 12, 2018 · 1 comment

Kitkat Ellaga-with band members-MaxBloom-SIAC-July2018

Here is another post showing the power of charity giving, especially when funding serves the cause and only the cause. We are grateful today for Max B. and his contributions to our children’s center in Cubao, the Philippines, The School in a Cart. We have close ties to the Center’s founder Alfredo Olavidez and have been encouraging writing and fundraising for them since 2011.

In the photo below, Kitkat is diligently practicing her songs. Nothing makes us more happy than to see how music gives the children a sense of purpose, fulfillment, and pride. They can hear the results of their hard work and find pleasure in making others happy as they share their talent. It is a win on many levels and is proven to have lifelong benefits.

Also, below is Kitkat’s Thank You letter, her original writing and translation from Tagalog.


Kitkat Ellaga on Keyboard-CM launch-SIAC-May2018

Kitkat’s letter:

Thank you for this is the first time I would be joining a Battle of the Bands. I hope someday I would learn to play different musical instruments. I am Kitkat, the smallest in our group and I play the keyboard. I wake up very early every day so I could go to [The School in a Cart] Center to practice. I am glad my sacrifices and hard work are paying off. I am thanking the Lord for helping me. Thanks also to Sir Iddo (Alfredo) and Sir Nonie and to big brother Jerry and also to our neighbors who do not get tired of listening to our singing even if we are repeating the songs many times. Thank you very much!

Kitkat Ellaga-Thank You for Music-CM launch-SIAC-May2018

  • Sara Goff

    Kitkat, I’m so proud of your music and your writing! I think a great part of life is seeing how hard work and perseverance bring reward, even if it’s just seeing for yourself how much you can improve at whatever you set your mind to. I’ll tell you what I tell myself whenever I’m feeling discouraged…never give up, especially when you’re not seeing results or when you feel it’s taking too long. The next week, day, or even the next hour, you might surprise yourself and meet your goal.

    One last tip, try to get the sleep you need. Everything feels harder and overwhelming when you’re tired. When you’re rested, you’re ready for any challenge!


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