Excitement Abounds at Happy Family Children’s Village

August 29, 2018 · 1 comment

Our first writing workshop and book delivery was a tremendous success at the Happy Family Children’s Village in the Arumeru District of Tanzania. Since 2014, the Children’s Village has offered loving homes with committed long-term caretakers for more than 130 children not able to immediately return to family members.

LTL-group2-1st Comp-HFCV-Aug2018

The Happy Family Children’s Village has a family reunification rate of more than 50%. Additionally, mortality and morbidity rates have plummeted while developmental milestones have steadily increased. Lift the Lid has gotten to know the Children’s Village over the past three years, and we are excited to team with them in alleviating the hardships of poverty, inspiring newfound happiness and optimism through donations and moral support via creative writing.

Erick Kimuto-1st Comp-1st Pl-HFCV-Aug2018

Enjoy these photos of Lift the Lid’s writing workshop at the Happy Family Children’s Village in which many of the children participated, writing 33 personal essays. From what we’ve seen at the other schools we support, that number will double in the years to come. We’re just planting the seeds for writing and self-expression now, skills they will turn to throughout their lives.

As part of the workshop, we made a book donation and provided the funds for a day of play at a local amusement park for everyone at the orphanage. Their smiles say it all!

Erick Kimuto-Dainess-Praygod-Angel Emanuli-1st Comp-HFCV-Aug2018

Erick, Dainess, Praygod and Angel

Peace and Olivia-1st Comp-HFCV-Aug2018

Peach and Olivia

Books-boys reading-1st Comp-HFCV-Aug2018

Emmanuel John-1st Comp-1st Pl-HFCV-Aug2018

Glory-1st Comp-HFCV-Aug2018


Joakim-1st Comp-HFCV-Aug2018


Loveness-1st Comp-HM-HFCV-Aug2018


Dorcass-1st Comp-2nd Pl-HFCV-Aug2018

Queen-1st Comp-HFCV-Aug2018


Ebeni-1st Comp-HFCV-Aug2018



Angel Emanuli-1st Comp-HM-HFCV-Aug2018


Bouncy Castle-1st Comp-HFCV-Aug2018

Dainess Rafael-1st Comp-2nd Pl-HFCV-Aug2018

Park-1st Comp-HFCV-Aug2018

Park2-1st Comp-HFCV-Aug2018

LTL-group-1st Comp-HFCV-Aug2018

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