What Education Means to Me, by Dianne

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Dianne Farinas-graduation elementary-SIAC-Sept2018

When one of our students at The School in a Cart writes, “Getting high grades and excelling in a course of study do not produce good behavior or character. I want to seek ways for me to be a good model for those younger than I am,” you know we’re doing something right.  Dianne has been writing essays for Lift the Lid for eight years. It shows not just in her grammar and language, but in her insight and ability to communicate her feelings. We couldn’t be more proud!

The School in a Cart in Cubao, the Philippines supports street children in their education by providing a safe, positive environment where they can wash up, eat, relax, study, seek guidance, and even take music lessons and join the band. The School in a Cart started in an actual cart parked in a vacant lot. Now we have an indoor center with separate rooms for studying and music. Even when we operated out of a cart, we brought water for washing and gave the children breakfast before school, packed them each a snack, and make sure they had the necessary uniforms and supplies.

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The original Cart


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Center-outside photo-SIAC-Nov2014

The new Center

Center-Dianne Farinas-Connie-SIAC-Nov2014

Music in a Cart-first guitar lessons-March2015

We continue to give the street children of Cubao the support every child needs to do well in school, and we continue to love them and show them how to love others. We are grateful for those of you who donate and make this all possible, and we welcome any new donors to give here.

Below is Dianne’s essay translated from Tagalog and her original work:

I am Dianne Farinas, a student who has just finished elementary education at the Kalantiyaw Elementary School. From my personal prospective, I believe graduation is a completion of a chapter in one’s life. However, there is a new chapter following, chapter of new challenges taking notice of the importance of higher education.

Getting high grades and excelling in a course of study do not produce good behavior or character. I want to seek ways for me to be a good model for those younger than I am.

Dianne Farinas-education meaning-CM-SIAC-Sept2018


  • http://www.saragoff.com/ Sara Goff


    I hope you feel proud seeing how far you’ve come in your writing, your education, and in your outlook on life. I’m proud of you, that is for certain! In fact, I bet you’re an inspiration to many of the young children already, Dianne. You have more potential than either of us know. I hope you go for the stars!

    I look forward to hearing from you again, soon. I’m cheering for you every day!


  • Connie Mann

    Dianne, You have come such a long way in your writing and grammar and it shows! Congratulations on your graduation and we’re so proud of you–not just for completing that milestone, but for your desire to build your character and improve your behavior as you continue to study and further your education. All of it is so important. We all influence those around us–either as a good or a bad role model. I’m delighted that you want to be a good one. Know we are cheering for you as you study and try to do your best, every single day. We look forward to hearing from you again.
    Miss Connie & Mr. Harry

  • http://www.saragoff.com/ Sara Goff


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