‘Till You Win Your Crown, by Daphrone L.

December 18, 2018 · 1 comment


Teens like Daphrone, who feel inspired to share their hardships and strength with others, are on a path to becoming our future leaders and teachers, advocates and psychologists. With an open heart and the power of words, there are many options for them. Their drive to inspire others certainly sets them apart.

Daphrone has placed in Lenana Girls’ High School (Kitale, Kenya) writing competitions sponsored by Lift the Lid a few times. Aside from having a solid handle on English, her second language, she puts her heart into her words. We are proud of her accomplishments and believe they have just begun. She is currently awaiting her National Exam scores, and hopes to make it to university. That is our hope, too!

Daphrone Lucheli-poem-HM-6rh comp-thnk you sheet-Lenana-Dec2018

  • http://www.saragoff.com/ Sara Goff

    Hello, Daphrone! I’m proud of you for attempting a poem this year in our 6th Annual Writing Competition and earning an Honorable Mention! I am and will continue to offer your encouragement to others. Writing is a gift you have and sharing your work is perhaps your highest calling. It’s a way of ‘speaking’ your heart. Congratulations on all your successes at Lenana. I look forward to hearing what the future holds for you and how you keep on pushing toward your dreams. Know that I’m cheering for you!

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