Second Place Winner Writes about Forgiveness

February 13, 2019 · 1 comment

Vivian Chepkoech-8th Comp-2nd Pl-Coleman-Mogonjet-Feb2019

Our students write essays that define who they are, essays that they are proud of and draw strength from, possibly throughout their lives. Here is one by Vivian of Mogonjet Secondary School in Bomet County, Kenya (where we’re building a library!) She shows us how we can reach inside ourselves in order to forgive someone we love and what can happen when we do.

Vivian starts her essay writing about the trouble she has keeping friends, about her insecurities in social settings, before mentioning her father and his drinking problem. She remembers violent times and fearing for her mother’s safety, years she felt robbed of her innocence and happiness. It took one afternoon and the words I’m sorry to change everything. Her father promised never to drink again. “With tears in our eyes, we got up and hugged him affectionately. My mother’s excitement embraced him and the glitter in her eyes told us that she still loved him. This is me.”

Vivian Chepkoech-8th Comp-2nd Pl-forgiveness-Coleman-Mogonjet-Feb2019

Vivian earned Second Place in Lift the Lid’s Eighth Annual Writing Competition at Mogonjet. Congratulations, Vivian! We’re giving her essay to our longtime friend and donor from New York City, Caroline, to show our appreciation. Below is a photo of Vivian receiving her award from our partner Rev. Joseph Rono, as well as her Thank You note for Lift the Lid.

Vivian Chepkoech-8th Comp w Joseph-2nd Pl-Mogonjet-Aug2018

Vivian Chepkoech-Thank you-8th Comp-2nd Pl-Mogonjet-Aug2018

  • Sara Goff

    Vivian, I’m so proud of you for entering the competition last year and writing so bravely about your father. Congratulations on earning Second Place! What I admire most about your essay is how you start with your own personal struggles making friends and then weave those experiences into your father’s illness and family troubles. I also love how you end with forgiveness and “This is me.” You have a natural and yet powerful style of writing.

    You and your family set an example of forgiveness that will be remembered. I hope that your father has remained sober and is enjoying a healthy, compassionate life. Perhaps you’ll want to write more about your relationship with him in our upcoming 2019 writing competition. Of course, that is one hundred percent your decision. I look forward to reading more of your writing!


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