Our Commitment

  1. Education: For every donation of $20 or more, a student writes a poem or personal essay for the donor. Donors are then encouraged to leave a positive comment for the student on our website. One of the first things Lift the Lid does for the schools we sponsor is bring them out of obscurity.
  2. Support: Lift the Lid will continue its support until there are enough classrooms and desks, notebooks and pencils, textbooks, computers, lunches, uniforms, sports equipment and buses for the students. We are in for the long-haul.
  3. Contact Persons: We are in regular communication with each school’s contact person. We will support each school as long as the appointed contact person remains at the school or an approved new contact person takes his/her place. We require a minimum year-long relationship with each contact person prior to sponsorship and sufficient references.
  4. Grass-roots: We will not do the work or send people to do the work of the schools we sponsor. We only sponsor grass-roots organizations run by people within the community.
  5. Operating Costs: We will fund, out-of-pocket, all technology to scan and email the students’ writing and to take photographs of the students and the schools’ progress. 100% of donations go to the schools we sponsor.
  6. Onsite: We will make visits to each school, organize volunteers, and/or have local contacts onsite to monitor how donations are spent.