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Goodwill Children’s Center is located in Kasur, Pakistan, a district of over 2 million people, in the province of Punjab. Kasur lies directly south of Punjab’s capital city Lahore and borders India.

Currently, Goodwill sends volunteers throughout a number of different slums and remote villages, bringing guidance and basic care to more than 1250 children between the ages of 5 and 13 on a daily basis. Started in 1996, Goodwill works to unite the local Christian community, which is a 2% minority in a primarily Muslim country. Goodwill appeals for workers’ rights and for the education and welfare of children living on the outskirts of society. Money raised for Goodwill will go toward the children’s basic needs, such as food, clothing, shoes, books, and toys. Goodwill’s long term goal is to purchase land and provide housing for the children.

Christian children, and particularly girls, in Punjab face a reality of hunger, child labor, illiteracy, violence and discrimination. They often work alongside their parents as brick makers and field laborers, making far below the cost of living. Goodwill is a refuge for them, a place where they can grow and learn in a safe and loving environment.

There is one thing the Goodwill children do have — Creativity! Let them use it.

Kiran is a star pupil with a determined spirit. After becoming ill two years ago, her spine started to bend. Her family, unable to afford treatment, is receiving help from Goodwill School. Her number one wish is to continue her education.

Goodwill children singing during Easter celebrations.