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Mogonjet Secondary School is located in Bomet County, near Kericho, Kenya, in a rural town situated in the highlands west of The Great Rift Valley. The school opened its doors in 2003 with two classrooms and around 20 students. Today, with attendance at 143 students, they have four classrooms and five registered teachers.

What makes Mogonjet unique? Nearly half of the student population is female. Mogonjet believes in the education of women in a country where 70% of illiterate persons are female and violence against women is a widespread problem. Mogonjet also believes in community outreach and holds a yearly one-day workshop for adults to come and learn about farming techniques, among other entrepreneurial skills, from the students.

Mogonjet Secondary School has an urgent wish list: they operate with a kitchen that doesn’t meet health regulations; they can’t provide their students with transportation; and without a computer lab, the world feels out of reach.

Mogonjet Secondary School operates under the Ministry of Gender, Children & Social Development in the Republic of Kenya, Registration No. PU/S/2/2534/10.