The Magic of Words, by Connie Mann

April 2, 2013 · 3 comments

There was no library in the small town where I grew up, but every other week, the Bookmobile—a big lumbering bus filled with books—lurched to a stop in our neighborhood. Those were my very favorite days. I stood at the curb, bouncing on my toes, waiting for the doors to whoosh open. Once they did, my brother and I rushed up the stairs and into another world. 

We had discovered that books are magic carpets. Once you dive into one you can fly off on amazing adventures to places you’ve never been. I took my first trip to Africa between the pages of a book. I made friends with people who lived in countries and on continents I may never get to visit in real life. But through books, I found I could go anywhere.

I devoured books like candy, always eager for the next bite. I solved mysteries in other towns, played with a big, fluffy dog I’d never seen, skied down huge mountains and even avoided a terrifying avalanche. One day, I swung through the jungle on a vine and barely missed being eaten by a tiger. In another story, I got lost in a dark scary cave, but I knew I could always find my way home.

Eventually, I realized I wanted to tell my own stories, too. I was nine years old when I wrote my first masterpiece, Susie’s Babies, about my hamster. I kept writing, filling notebook after notebook with daring adventures.

I kept reading, too. When life was lonely or scary, books were my friends. When the world seemed confusing, stories helped the world make sense. I wrote and wrote and kept writing.

Today, I’m an author. I write a blog and I write articles. But my favorite writing is fiction. I love telling stories. My new novel is a romantic adventure story called Angel Falls that is set in Brazil, where my father was born. The story started on a trip there to visit his hometown, but it took ten years to get published!

Writing can seem scary, risky. But no matter where you live, how old you are, or what kinds of stories you want to tell, don’t be afraid. Just do it. Take the time to capture your thoughts and stories and write them down. Learn the power of words and how to use them.

Stories unite us in ways nothing else can and they transport us to whole new worlds. Dare to dream—and dare to write. The world needs your stories, your adventures. 

Grab paper and a pencil and let’s take a trip on a magic carpet! Are you ready??



Connie Mann loves stories of suspense, adventure and second chances. She offers encouragement to busy women on her blog: and is an active member of Romance Writers of America and American Christian Fiction Writers. She’s also a USCG-licensed boat captain, so when she’s not writing, she’s usually on Central Florida’s waterways with local school children or her fabulous family. Please visit her online at:


  • Sara Goff

    Connie, thank you for taking the time to show the students that you care and to share with them your passion for reading and writing. Your inspiration calms their hearts and gives them life. What a blessing you are to me and Lift the Lid!

  • Connie Mann

    What a privilege to get to know you, Sara, and learn about Lift the Lid. Thank you for letting me be a part of what you’re doing.

    And for those out there–wherever in the world you live–who have a dream to write stories, please do! It’ll be worth it. I hope you will let me know. I’d love to encourage you.

  • Joshua Machinga

    Hi Connie,

    I hope one day before long you visit us here at Lenana Girls High School.


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