A Friend’s Love, by Mercy Chelangat

Mercy Chelangat Rosie Bichard FB Mogonjet May 2018

Mercy writes about her best friend Joan. They met while young, living in the same village, and quickly formed a tight bond with promises to love and care for each other, always. As they grew older, Mercy would tutor Joan in her studies, reviewing the day’s school lessons. When eventually different schools and social circles changed their circumstances, limiting the amount of time they had together, their bond remained. Mercy writes, “Jealousy never arose. Whenever Joan saw me among the top students, she was happy . . . we remained best friends.”

Love embraces our differences. Mercy’s essay is a perfect example of love lasting, love unconditional. Thank you Bichard Family for your donation to Lift the Lid and our Climbing for Water Project at Namelok Junior Academy in Kenya. Mercy, a student at another school we support in Kenya, Mogonjet Secondary School, was awarded an Honorable Mention for her essay in our 7th Annual Writing Competition. It’s an honor to share her work!

Mercy Chelangat Love From a Friend Rosie Bichard FB Mogonjet May 2018