A Hero, by Zipporah Nyongesa

zipporah nyongesa

Congratulations, Katrin and Gerhard, on your wedding! We truly appreciate the opportunity you gave your guests to support a charity of their choice in honor of your exchange of vows. Tara Greene chose Lift the Lid. We are a 501(c)(3) charity that sponsors schools in the developing world and encourages writing and self-expression. We’d like to share an essay with you called “A Hero” by Zipporah Nyongesa from Lenana Girls High School in Kitale, Kenya.

We originally published “A Hero” back in 2012, and now feel that Zipporah’s words are worth remembering as you begin a life together.

Zipporah is of the brave young women in Kenya who are choosing to put their time and energy into completing high school and hopefully university, envisioning a future other than early marriage and manual labor to support their family. 100% of Tara’s donation has gone to the schools and students Lift the Lid supports. Many blessings for a happy marriage!

Zipporah A Hero essay Lenana Nov 2012-2014