A Hero, by Zipporah Nyongesa

zipporah nyongesa

The beauty of Zipporah’s essay “A Hero” is that we can see ourselves in it, pushing forward, sometimes striving ahead, other times just trying to get through the day. Zipporah, a student of Pathfinder Primary School, is a hero for going to school in a culture where girls generally marry and start a family at the age of thirteen.

Girls like Zipporah, determined to get an education, are in essence tilling the rockiest, most barren field with their bare hands, envisioning a new generation of women in Kenya. Thank you Michiel, Florentine, and Nino for your donation to Lenana Girls High School, which is being built in Kitale, not far from Pathfinder Primary School. We are all heros, each in our own way.

Read Zipporah’s essay, “A Hero” here.

zipporah a hero essay lenana nov 2012