An Unwanted Child, by Tabitha

Tabitha Chepkirui - Unwanted Child - Mogonjet Sept 2017

We love to say Thank You to our donors with an essay or poem from one of our students. When we read their writings, we listen to them. We give our attention and gain understanding. Here is Tabitha’s essay about an unwanted girl in her community.

The day of the girl’s birth, her father said to her mother, “If it is a boy bring him to my house, and if it is a girl look elsewhere to take her.” The mother and daughter, named Joy, went to stay with her grandmother. The mother later passed away and Joy continued living with her grandmother until 8th grade, when her father had a change of heart. Tabitha writes in her essay, that forgiveness is always a possibility.

Tabitha, along with two other students, took Second Place in Lift the Lid’s Seventh Annual Writing Competition at Mogonjet Secondary School in Bomet County, Kenya, near Kericho. Thank you, Tabitha, for sharing this example of unconditional love, from a daughter to a father.

Tabitha Chepkirui - Unwanted Child - 7th comp 2nd pl Mogonjet Sept 2017