Carried Away, by David Farinas

david farinas siac sept 2012

Ann, thank you for supporting The School in a Cart through eBay! The students are writing and drawing about the recent flood that washed away many of their homes and belongings.

In his poem, 9-year-old David writes about how he and his four brothers and sisters swam to save some of their bags, only to be caught in a current larger than themselves.

One of the mothers who volunteers at The School in a Cart, Aunt Marlyn, pulled David out of the water. David has been living on the streets for three years now and just recently entered the first grade. Sharing this frightening experience is very important to him.

Thank you. This is David Farinas’s poem “Carried away”

david farinas poem siac sept 2012

David’s home, shared with his parents and four siblings, on 20th Street in Cubao, the Philippines:

farinas home siac sept 2012