I am Reynald Del Rosario

Reynald Del Rosario Thank You CM SIAC Apr 2016

Reynald is 13 years old and in the Seventh Grade in Cubao, the Philippines. He regularly attends the School in a Cart on weekends and before and after school, and he’s the lead guitar player in their band. We especially like to encourage Reynald to continue his good work habits in school and in the band because he’s an amazing role model for the younger children at the Center!

Reynald recognizes the support he receives from Lift the Lid and our donors and expresses his gratitude in the following Thank You letter. We at Lift the Lid would also like to thank two anonymous donors from Florida for their April contribution. Here’s Reynald’s letter:

Dear Sponsor,

I am Reynald. I am living in Brgy. (Village) Tagumpay, Project 4, Quezon City. I am one of the participants of the Push Cart Community Missions. Whoever you may be, thank you for your donation(s). I hope you will not get tired of helping us. Without your help we, the children at the Center, wouldn’t be helped either.

Thank you for we were able to see places we haven’t seen before because we do not have the means to. Thank you for donating to Kuya (Big Brother) Iddo’s program. We were able to buy set of drums, guitars, bass guitar, keyboard and were able to organize a band.

Thank you Sponsor!

Reynald Del Rosario Thank You CM SIAC Apr 2016