I Will Miss You, by Reynald del Rosario

Reynald del Rosario Miss You Dave CM SIAC June2 017

Reynald del Rosario playing the guitar for The School in a Cart band

Many of the children at The School in a Cart in Cubao, the Philippines have written about our very good friend Dave who was murdered on May 15th of this year at the age of thirteen. We encouraged them to share their grief, and they didn’t hesitate. Simply, the experience of losing Dave in such an abrupt and heartless way was too much to hold inside.

Each of the students’ essays is unique, and we feel a responsibility to acknowledge every one. What is special about Reynald’s essay is he addresses Dave directly, as if the paper he wrote on brought Dave back one last time. It’s devastating to think of a child’s life cut short, and to think of the pain his loved ones now have to burden missing him.

Thank you sincerely to an anonymous donor who has consistently supported Lift the Lid in developing and expanding The School in a Cart. Here is Reynald’s essay in English with the original Tagalog version below.

Dave, this is what I have to say:

Be happy wherever you may be. May he who did this to you be caught or he surrenders lest thinking of what he did tortures him.

Following are what I learned from the death of Dave:

Never again will I sleep outside. I will stop scratching jeepneys that pass by. I will no longer fight with anybody else.

Dave, Thank you for your goodness. Thank you for paying for our computer rent if we did not have enough money. May the culprit experience sleepless nights. I wished it were not you he did it to. We still have more to do but you are now gone. We really will miss; our loose talks with the group. I will miss you. Dave, thank you!

Reynald del Rosario Miss You Dave CM SIAC June 2017