If All Trees Die, by Deborah Sanaipei

Deborah Sanaipei Namelok Nov 2014

Thank you, Ivan from London, for your donation to Lift the Lid and the schools we sponsor in honor of your friend Lucas’ 6th birthday.

Your support will buy books, paper and pencils, uniforms and shoes for students who think more about having these basics than they do about the latest toys. An education is something they cannot take for granted when their parents or caregivers did not complete high school, and when there isn’t enough money at home for three daily meals, but there is to cover school fees, barely. Your gift shows a lot of maturity, thoughtfulness, and heart.

To say thank you and to help save our Earth’s trees, Deborah Sanaipei of Namelok Junior Academy in Kisamis, Kenya would like to share her poem, “If All Trees Die.”

Deborah Sanaipei If All Trees Die poem Namelok Nov 2014