Lift the Lid Brings Music to The School in a Cart!

Music Program group SIAC Feb 2015

With many thanks to a special donor, Lift the Lid has brought music to the street children at The School in a Cart in Cubao, the Philippines!

From healthy meals to uniforms, from proper showers and toothbrushes, to tutoring, spiritual guidance and love, The School in a Cart meets the needs of their local street children, and Lift the Lid stands behind them to help make it all possible.

This time we’re enticing the kids to stick around the center when they’re not in school by offering instruments and music lessons . . . and it’s working out better than expected.

Music in a Cart Dianne starting keyboard lessons March 2015

The School in a Cart has formed a band and they’re touring churches, schools, and street corners, whoever they can inspire with their music. They’re learning. They’re practicing. They’re sharing their newly discovered talents, and they’re proud. We’re proud, too!

Here’s a YouTube video showing the children in the early stages of practicing and playing:

CNN in the Philippines did a special report on the music program at The School in a Cart:

Keeping street children safe through music

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