My Road to an Education, by Sang Kibet Gerson

Sang Kibet Gerson - Mogonjet Feb 2017

Thank you, Joan, for your ongoing support of Lift the Lid and at this time of Mogonjet’s Library Fund. We know Sang and all the students at Mogonjet Secondary School in Kericho, Kenya will benefit from a school library, a place to meet, a place to study, a place to read, and a place to find solace. Thank you!

Sang’s parents couldn’t afford to send him to school, so his grandmother, who lived in a different town in Kenya, took over his care. She saw his potential and made sacrifices to keep him in school, until the day came when she passed away.

An uncle stepped in and he, too, made Sang’s education a priority, providing what all children deserve: Food, Clothing, Shelter, and Knowledge. Once Sang made it to high school, he was eventually reunited with his parents. Now Sang is head of his class at Mogonjet, and he works hard to uphold the values his grandmother taught him as a young boy.

Sang reminds us why and who we work hard for each day. His story also inspires us to help children in our own communities who lack the basics and may be in great need of a role model.

Here is Sang’s essay about his life experiences.

Sang Kibet Gerson My Experience Joan Mogonjet Feb 2017