Noel Naitetoi of Namelok Junior Academy

Noel Naitetoi First Annual Poetry Winner What Lies Ahead Namelok Nov 2013

Noel Naitetoi is the proud First Place winner of Namelok Junior Academy’s First Annual Poetry Competition. Namelok is located in rural Kisamis, Kenya, which is 42km from Nairobi.

Noel’s poem “What Lies Ahead” was chosen from 5 finalists, whose ages range from 9-12 years. Noel is a very bright 9-year-old who addresses God in her poem.

A year and a half ago, Noel shared a poem with us called “The Sun in the Sky.” You can see from her work and her photos that she is growing up to be a thoughtful and mature student.

first annual poetry winner what lies ahead noel naitetoi namelok nov 2013