Our Center, by Dianne Farinas

Dianne Farinas Our Center SIAC Nov 2014

Dianne Farinas, Daniel’s big sister

Lift the Lid and The School in a Cart are sincerely grateful for the continued prayers and financial support from an Anonymous Donor in America. This Donor has been a part of our programs, such as The Shower in a Cart, and has provided new shoes and uniforms since April of 2013. Now she is helping The School in a Cart to grow into the new space being rented to accommodate the children. The space also accommodates the Carts (both The School in a Cart and The Kitchen and Shower in a Cart) in a gated area out front. The Carts will continue to be used for learning, cooking, and washing.

A primary aim of the new Center is to provide a place for the children to go after school. A major concern is that the children living on the streets take to begging after school by jumping into jeepneys to pass around an envelope for collecting spare change. In September young Daniel Farinas fell backwards out of a moving jeepney and was hospitalized. He is fine now, but it was a real scare. The School in a Cart wants to entice the children to choose the center and learning over the streets and begging.

With all of our donors’s support, we can equip The School in a Cart, including the Center, with books, instruments, art supplies, games, and daily snacks. A fun and exciting Center will appeal to the children, will keep them learning, and will keep them off the streets.

Dianne Farinas wrote this brief essay expressing her feelings for The School in a Cart and its Center:

Dianne Farinas Our Center SIAC Nov 2014