The Band is Grateful for Teacher Allan!

Music-in-a-Cart first guitar lessons March 2015

A children’s band would not be possible without an engaged, enthusiastic, and fully committed teacher. Lift the Lid and The School in a Cart want to honor Teacher Allan today, who volunteers many hours of his life each week for the children. An anonymous donor has made a special donation to give Allan guitar lessons, as per Allan’s request, so that he can keep up with his students’ rapid progress. Some have big dreams and are eager to play!

Here’s our latest update on the Band:

Five members of the Christian Children’s Band in a Cart attend Kalantiyaw Elementary School: Steven (MacMac), David and his siblings, Dianne, Daniela, and Daniel. Two graduated from 6th grade last year: Stephano who beats the drums for the Band in a Cart and Reynald who plays the guitar.

Daniel moved up from pre-school to first grade in 2013-14. He sings with his siblings, David and Daniela, while Dianne plays the keyboard.

A teacher at their school happened to see the CNN Philippines TV presentation of the School of Music in a Cart which aims to prevent the children from roaming the streets. She recommended that the Children’s Band be invited to participate in the school’s Nutrition Day celebration, which took place this past July.

Nutrition Day the Band played for school SIAC Oct 2015

After the presentation, the Band was invited again to participate in the school’s celebration of “Linggo ng Wika” (Language Week) in August. Since the week honors the Pilipino language, the Band was asked to play special Tagalog songs and folk music. They had three weeks to prepare!

In the front row is Reynald (far left), Allan their teacher, Dianne on keyboard, and Stephano on drums. Singing in the back row is Daniella, Daniel, Steven (MacMac) and John Paul. Suki is behind.

Nutrition Day Band playing SIAC Oct 2015

Next the Band is planning to play at the Barangay (Village) Tagumpay (government housing) where Stephano, Steven, Reynald, RJ,  and Allen live. Their rented rooms are about ten feet by seven. Most families have five to ten members in one room. The parents of Dave, Dianne, Daniella, Daniel, Dennis and Diego recently rented a room of almost the same size courtesy of the Department of Social Welfare Development. I trust after the performance the Village will see the children in a new light.