Updates at The School in a Cart

results new uniforms siac july 2014

Front row: Santiago, Abet, Pia, Julito, Daniella and Daniel Farinas

We at Lift the Lid want to thank all our donors for helping The School in a Cart to keep the street children of Cubao, the Philippines going to school washed, fed, and in new uniforms and shoes. Every morning during the week, Principal Alfredo Olavidez and teacher Nonie Samonte and other volunteers are up early preparing the food (normally rice and fish or chicken) and serving the children, in addition to helping them to wash, dress, and get to school on time. For many of the children, if it weren’t for the good start every morning, they wouldn’t bother going. Instead graduation is a special time for The School in a Cart.

In June of this year, Lift the Lid sent $361.00 (15,434.02 PHP) in donations to The School in a Cart for new uniforms and shoes, a new table and stools, more cups, plates, and soap cases, one for each of the children. Principal Alfredo explained that the children are very conscientious about bringing leftovers back to their parents, but rather forgetful about returning the plates. We’re happy for these fundamental improvements and so are the children!