Welcome Keneni Academy!

Back in 2009, I met Joash Bii, a tech student struggling to pay his college fees in Kenya at the time. We met through a charity with which I have close ties. I wanted to start my own nonprofit encouraging underprivileged kids to write, and he helped me to formulate my idea into Lift the Lid. He also got our first website started. Now, 11 years later, Joash has his Phd. and has taken over a failing elementary school in his area. We’re thrilled to be working with him!!

Keneni Academy is located in the village of Kecheiyat in Bomet County, Kenya, not far from our secondary school Mogonjet, with which we’ve partnered since 2010. Keneni currently educates 114 students (67 boys and 47 girls) from pre-primary through fourth grade.

Keneni’s vision is for the students to engage the community in almost everything they do to show the value of education and to share their learning.

Find out more about the latest addition to our Lift the Lid family: Keneni Academy