What Christmas Means to Me, by Gemar Cornelio

Gemar Cornelio Christmas Means to Me SIAC Dec 2014

This Christmas, we’d like to say a special Thank You to an anonymous donor who brought a lot of joy to the street children of Cubao, the Philippines. The holiday celebration was organized by The School in a Cart, a school/center Lift the Lid has sponsored since December of 2011.

Christmas-in-a-Cart giving SIAC Dec 2014

EIGHTY Christmas bags were prepared and distributed to the children and their families who attend The School in a Cart’s after-school and Saturday lessons, their daily Breakfast in a Cart, and their occasional Medical Center in a Cart. Their doors were open to anyone in need of Christmas cheer, so there were some newcomers, as well. The donation also afforded The School in a Cart to purchase instruments for the children, which we will have photos of in the New Year!

They served a meal of chicken, rice, and noodles, and afterwards, there were racing games and a piñata.

Christmas-in-a-Cart group SIAC Dec 2014
Christmas-in-a-Cart giving SIAC Dec 2014

Each bag contained assorted snack items like crackers, cookies, and chips, a sport shirt and shorts set, underwear and socks, and an umbrella for the girls and a cap for the boys.

Here are some of the boys showing off their Christmas caps.

Christmas-in-a-Cart boys SIAC Dec 2014

To show appreciation and to share his Christmas spirit, Gemar Cornelio has written a brief essay titled “What Christmas Means to Me.” Translated from Tagalog he writes:

“We are happy this Christmas. Jesus was born in a Manger. Three Kings (wise men) visited Jesus and Mary. Thank you for the Feeding Program, for Teacher Nonie and Pastor Edo (Alfredo), and for everyone, thank you. I am Gemar Cornelio, 6th grade, studying at Amparo Elementary School. Thank you also for the uniform.”

Gemar Cornelio Christmas Means to Me SIAC Dec 2014