What I Like, by Rodney Roine

roine nina and sara what i like namelok dec 2013

Thank you to the Harrington Family for their donation to Namelok Junior Academy in Kisamis, Kenya. Cailin Harrington’s Fourth Grade Class at Glens Falls Middle School decided that each student would make a donation to the charity of his or her choice in place of purchasing gifts for their teacher. Considering how hard teachers work, this is a selfless decision . . . and Lift the Lid is honored to be Cailin’s choice!

We at Lift the Lid have two immediate goals at Namelok Junior Academy. The first is to complete a much needed fourth classroom, in order that grades do not have to double up in one room, and the second is to create a lunch program for the students. 100% of all donations to Lift the Lid go to the schools we support.

Rodney Roine, a student at Namelok, has written an essay for the Harrington’s about his school titled “What I Like.” We’ve included a photo of Rodney and another with his older sister Nina and baby sister Sara.

roine rodney essay what i like namelok dec 2013
Roine Rodney What I Like Namelok Dec 2013