Our Mission

Since December of 2010, Lift the Lid has raised money for underfunded schools and has brought them out of obscurity by publishing the students’ writing.

How we support the schools we sponsor:

  1. Financially. All money raised by Lift the Lid goes toward the construction of classrooms and facilities, supplying text books, paper and pens, lunches, sports equipment and buses. On occasion, a specified donation may be used to offset a student’s school fees in order that s/he may continue their studies. Lift the Lid buys, out-of-pocket, any technology necessary for the schools to scan and email the students’ writing, including cameras for taking photographs of the students and school activities. All operational costs are covered by the creators of Lift the Lid.
  2. Intellectually. For each donation made, Lift the Lid publishes a student’s poem or personal essay on our website, and sends the link to the donor as a thank you. We believe that it is just as important to assist the schools financially as it is to encourage the students to write. Our website is a place where students can express themselves and be heard and where donors can comment and make meaningful connections.


We at Lift the Lid believe that all children have hidden talents waiting to be discovered, rich or poor, but those in underfunded schools don’t have the same opportunity to explore their strengths. We believe that financial support, coupled with the opportunity for self-expression, will allow students to realize and cultivate their talents.