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Supported Schools


Lift the Lid has the ambition to develop partnerships with many schools around the world. Today there are four schools in our family:

Mogonjet Secondary School — Kericho, Kenya

Namelok Junior Academy — Kisamis, Kenya

Lenana Girls High School — Kitale, Kenya

The School in a Cart — Cubao, the Philippines

Happy Family Children’s Village — Nkoaranga, Tanzania (Will be joining us soon!)


Here are some examples of what a $100 donation can do:

-provide lunch for 7 children for one month

-give 3 children books, bags, uniforms, and stationary for one year

-put new shoes on 6 children

-fund a ‘tree school’ for 17 children for one month, where the earth
is their writing slate

-buy and install a toilet for one school

-provide 2 children trasportation to and from school a distance of 7km
for two years


*100% of every donation goes to our schools.