A Shower in The Cart Fundraising Event

shower-in-the-cart siac aug 2013

We need your help. The School in a Cart and Lift the Lid believe that the street children of Cubao, the Philippines should learn the importance of privacy. The “Shower in a Cart” was created to give the children the experience of privacy when bathing before going to school. All children must go to school clean and tidy, and the School in a Cart is making it a part of the “School/Breakfast in a Cart” training to teach the children personal hygiene.

The curtain you see above, attached to the side of the School in a Cart, is only phase one of a three-compartment plan, which will have two cubicles fitted with a curtain. The middle part will contain a barrel of clean water. The concept is ideal, given the circumstances, but the School in a Cart is lacking the funds.

Below is how the street children currently bathe in public:

When the street children take baths, which is not regularly, they use a pail of water and a water dipper, and soap when they have it. They bathe on the sidewalk, normally near to where their makeshift home is set up. Girls stay clothed, while boys keep on their shorts while bathing. At times, they go to a public space where water is available.

We want the children to do things the way they are done by children who do not live on the street, and we want to create in them the desire to improve their lot.

Soon after the children have gone to school, the curtains of the Shower in a Cart are pushed aside and the cart is back to the original School in a Cart.

Please help us to expand the shower and provide the children with a little privacy, soap, and clean water. You can make a secure donation here.

For every donation over $20, you will receive a poem or short personal essay (sometimes with a drawing) from one of the students at the School in a Cart. So little can make such a big difference!