Eighth Annual Writing Competition Ceremony at Mogonjet

Eighth Annual Writing Competition Ceremony at Mogonjet

On July 31st, our partner Rev. Joseph Rono of Grace Foundation International held Lift the Lid’s Eighth Annual Writing Competition at Mogonjet Secondary School in Bomet County, Kenya. The photos and Thank You letters give us a full picture of this special day at Mongonjet, and I have to say we are very proud. The theme this year was “This is me,” which gave the students the opportunity to focus on their triumphs and achievements. What a hard-working and ambitious group!

Eighth Writing Comp Joseph Mogonjet Aug 2018
Dorothy Chepkemoi Thank you 8th comp 1st pl Mogonjet Aug 2018

In the photos, we see the finalists and first and second place winners. Dorothy Chepkemoi was honored with First Place and received $50 for her personal school needs, as well as $50 to donate to her class. You can click here to read her essay. Vivian Chepkoech and Joyce Chepkemoi took Second Place and each received $25 for their personal school needs. Six Honorable Mentions were chosen, as well. Below is a Thank You note from Dorothy. Two more Thank You notes from the students are at the end of this post.

For each of the finalists, we highlighted their strongest, most poignant sentence or two so they can share/discuss them with each other. We emphasis that writing is a process of learning, as well as growing as individuals. It often requires solitude, but can always be shared with others. And even if you did not place, the real winners are all who entered. Writing requires courage and honesty, and every time you write, these qualities become more a part of who you are!

Sentences we highlighted from our finalists’ essays:

During class time I enjoy cracking jokes with other students and also encourage them where necessary. –Jackline Cherotich Kirui

I have been smart enough to be the way I am because my mother makes me shine for every single moment. –Chepngetich Jackline

It was my hobby to play with toys and acting as a surgeon. –Emmanuel Kibet Kirui

We do not bother about the background someone has passed through, but we are determined about our destination. –Chepkorir Mercy

Not only was my brother good but he was also understanding. –Chepkemoi Joyce

I am a self-driven and self-motivated student. I like to always motivate my friends and help them in their difficult times. –Sharon Chepngetich

I obey my parents and always respect them. They want the best from me and if they correct me, I take it positively. –Chelangat Mercy

The day for national exams approached. I really struggled tooth and nail because I had faith that in future I will bring change to our family. –Chepkirui Tabitha

My dream is to study computer science and to go to Japan. I love everything associated with this country, and I hope that in future I will learn Japanese by myself. –Kipngeno Aron

In hockey, however, we had more luck because we achieved outstanding results and made it to the nationals. –Cherotich Shyline

I have six siblings, two brothers and four sisters. I have got my mum and dad, too. I am close to all of them because they are the only best friends I have. –Terer Kibet Hillary

How can I describe my eyes! Though they are sunken, they are small white eyeballs and a fast-moving pupil that glitters a lot. –Chepkemoi Mercy

With tears in our eyes, we got up and hugged him affectionately. My mother’s excitement embraced him and the glitter in her eyes told us that she still loved him. –Chepkoech Vivian

One sentence can say so much, can change a life or even a nation.

Eighth Writing Comp Thanks SG Mogonjet Aug 2018
Joyce Chepkemoi Thank you 8th comp 2nd pl Mogonjet Aug 2018
Vivian Chepkoech Thank you 8th Comp 2nd Pl Mogonjet Aug 2018