The pandemic has hit us hard in the Philippines, varying from a high 26,303 cases a day in September to a low of around 2,000 a few days ago. Though our children and teachers at The School in a Cart in Quezon City remain healthy, our Center has not escaped its damaging effect. We suffered. The younger children could no longer participate in our numerous activities and programs. This has been a tremendous concern of ours, knowing they are not getting nearly the same care and supervision at home, or on the streets, as they did with us.

The Children’s band could no longer perform in public places and having fewer students at the Center and the priority on providing online learning, the band has been on hold.

Our partnership with the local schools lost traction when the students no longer attended their classes in person.

Due to quarantines and families leaving the area, our daily Feeding Program with 50 or more hungry children was reduced to about ten children, primarily our high schoolers who really need to stay with us to graduate and continue on to college with the help of our Scholarship Program.

Instead of our usual lively parties for the children and parents, we have been just distributing gifts. We could not help comparing it to the Christmas party of 2019 – our visit to the Center — when we played so many games and sang and danced and gathered the children to give them their Christmas packages ourselves, of course with big hugs!

It is important now that our oldest scholars remain consistent in doing good work in their studies. We will support them by raising funds for meals, clothing, school supplies, Christmas gifts, and the Scholarship Fund.

*We’d love to share Reynald’s essay, translated from Tagalog. His original work is attached as a photo.


I find my online studies difficult because there are times when the internet signal is weak. There are times also when I could hardly understand the lessons because they are not taught face to face.

What I did was read the lessons several times to understand what the teacher was giving. By doing so I was able to answer the questions correctly and in order.

What is good with online lessons is you can review the materials several times to understand what the lesson is all about.

For us to learn we must read repeatedly the lesson until it is understood and correct answers are given to questions.

This is all! Thank you sponsors for your help.