Grateful to See More of the World

CJ Talan playing guitar - SIAC - Nov4 2019

This past Easter, we raised money to assist The School in a Cart band members in making a special trip to Marinduque, an island province in the Luzon island group of the Philippines (south of Quezon Province.) See our previous post for more details and essays on their trip.

CJ is 11 years old and in the 5th grade. He is doing very well in school and was recipient of The School in a Cart’s Good Grades Motivation Program.

CJ talan - Marinduque - painting mask - SIAC - Nov 2019

Here is CJ’s essay on his experiences throughout their field trip to Marinduque:

“I was dizzy in the Bus. After our bus ride we took a ship. I was happy I can go to other places.

My experiences include doing some room cleaning and going fishing (in a fish pond).  I am thankful to Sir Iddo (Alfredo) and Sir Nonie. I am also thankful to Tita (Aunt) Pat for accommodating us whole-heartedly.

We performed in Church(es) and I colored a moriones mask  We watched a play about Jesus. I am thankful to Sir Iddo!”

Here is CJ’s original essay in Tagalog:

CJ Talan - Marinduque - essay - SIAC - Nov 4 2019

CJ with Teacher

CJ Talan with teacher - SIAC - Nov 4 2019