We have an honest and inspiring essay for you to read and share with the children in your life!

At Lift the Lid, we love sharing our students’ essays with our donors and all who take the time to listen to their feelings, hardships, and amazing moments of triumph. Here is Stephano’s essay. He is 19 years old and one of our students who is benefitting from our college scholarship fund at The School in a Cart in Cubao, the Philippines.

My Hidden Secret (translated from Tagalog)

I started my college classes last year. I was scared but did not mind it because it was fun to be in the class. My classmates were smart and helpful. Our teachers were able to meet our needs. I was glad because I leaned many things.

My problem was myself. Oftentimes, I did not feel like interacting in the class because I was ashamed. What if my classmates did not respond to my questions? Oftentimes, I thought of that possibility. The truth of the matter is I lack self-confidence. I found it difficult in some parts as classes continued. I wondered whether I should ask for help. I couldn’t muster enough courage to ask my teachers. I was ashamed and couldn’t dispel it. There was always this fear of failing. I couldn’t open up to my family nor to my friends.

As days went by problems added up. My self-confidence continued to regress. My father passed away, my siblings found difficulties in studying. I felt I should help them but I myself needed help. I gave more thought to this. I felt I needed to stop dreaming for myself and think more about the welfare of my siblings.

I finally decided to talk to Sir Nonie about what weighed me down so much. That was the only time I opened up and I embraced him crying. I felt good and relieved after sharing my hidden thoughts. A few days after, I also shared my problems to Sir Iddo (Alfredo). They realized that I needed to stop studying for a while, and I was thankful for their understanding.

The danger of being depressed is more likely these days because of worries and feeling helpless. The depression I went through was terrible. I am back in my studies now. I will try to learn to face my shortcomings, and I will no longer be secretive about my problems. I appreciate the trust given to me.


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