“I Hope All Your Life You’ll Be Here to Help”

Raymond Del Rosario CM SIAC June 2016

Raymond is 10 years old and is in 4th Grade. He carries bags for loose coins at a local market in order to buy food for his family. Unfortunately, he sometimes misses school. Despite the responsibility he bears, you can see from the photo that he’s still a young, fun-loving boy.

He writes in his Thank You letter to Lift the Lid and our donors, “I hope all your life you will be here to help.” We know that The School in a Cart and all of us who support it are his sole stability. He wants us always in his life the way children naturally want (need) to know their parents will always be there for them. We’re grateful that he has us, and we hope to see him grow up to become a smart and compassionate young man.

We’re sending this Letter to an anonymous donor who continues to support Lift the Lid in developing The School in a Cart. Please take a moment to read Raymond’s Thank You letter (below), translated from Tagalog. We’ve also included his original work, plus his drawings of The School in a Cart Band, founded by Lift the Lid in 2015:

Dear Sponsor,
We are thanking you for sending your blessings to us including school supplies. I hope all your life you will be here to help. Even when you are no longer here we will still think of you and thank you for your help in organizing a Band. You encouraged us. Thank you for the food and for your help so we could develop our talent in singing.

I have been coming to the Center for quite a while now. We are also thanking Teacher Nonie for caring for us and for our trainers, Kuya Jerry, Kuya Allan, and Kuya Jayjay. (“Kuya” means Big Brother.) Thank you!

Raymond Del Rosario thank you letter SIAC June 2016