I’m so proud of our newest school, Keneni, for passing phase one of the Kenyan government’s inspection to be recognized as a registered educational institution!

Those are big, hard-sounding words for the cozy, cheerful neighborhood primary school we’ve built, and what matters even more than this critical milestone is that the children and teachers enjoy being there, feel safe, and are inspired to work at their very best with a passion and curiosity for learning and for life.

The government’s guidelines are strict and their requirements are long. We truly are encouraged and excited to keep growing and improving Keneni to OUR very best!!

As we move onward with plans for phase two of development, donations are deeply appreciated: https://www.lift-the-lid.org/how-it-works/donate/

Keneni Academy is located in the village of Kecheiyat in Bomet County, Kenya, bordering the Motigo Hills in the Great Rift Valley. The school is less than five miles from the famous Tenwek Mission Hospital. They currently educate 114 students (67 boys and 47 girls) from pre-primary through fourth grade.

Keneni’s vision is to provide a holistic education while nurturing Christian values. The school serves the community not just by educating their youth, but also by teaching the parents how to make wise decisions and to work efficiently. The teachers and students engage the community in nearly everything they do, showing them the importance of education (as there are parents who never went to school and don’t see the need for their children to be educated.) They encourage girls to study and set future career goals. They also instruct students and parents on sanitation, nutrition, saying no to drugs, understanding the importance of safe sex, and having open, productive discussions.

Keneni School operates under the Ministry of Education Science and Technology (MOEST) in the Republic of Kenya, Registration No. 36P12000199.