Lenana Girls High School Honorable Mention Winner Says THANK YOU!

akinyi prudence

Dear Lift The Lid, Inc.,

Greetings from me here at Lenana Girls High School. I am doing well and would like to thank you for helping Lenana Girls High School. This program is my mother and my father — it means everything to me.

The future looks promising because of Lenana Girls High School and I hope my dreams will be accomplished.

This programme is the reason I am in school and why I am where I am because, trust me, when I lost my mother in my primary school, everything seemed to have come to an end because she was the sole provider as father lived away in one of the biggest slums in Nairobi and so it was not easy for me to continue my school.  My relatives wanted me to get married and someone was telling me to enroll in something else so if I am to tell anyone about this I would say this program is the reason I am in school.  It is the reason why I am where I am today via my academics and my school and my future at large because many other girls like me have their future only in education.

What I love about this program is that we as girls would continue our education and not drop out of school. I would like to see the program help other girls like me who need help. And I wanted to say thanks for everything Lift the Lid has done for Lenana Girls High School and for me in particular and what Lift the Lid is doing to encourage girl child education around the globe.

Please keep up your good work and remember our school.

Yours Akinyi.