Lilian Cherotich Places First at Mogonjet Secondary School

Lilian Cherotich 6th Comp 1st Pl Mogonjet May 2016

Mogonjet Secondary School in Kericho, Kenya completed its 6th Annual Writing Competition sponsored by Lift the Lid, and we’re very happy to announce Lilian Cherotich as the First Place winner for her essay on how she made it to high school, being the first in her family to stay in school beyond eighth grade. She faced many challenges, including early marriage, walking long distances without shoes, and often going hungry, but she remained determined and when all seemed hopeless, she prayed.

As a reward from Lift the Lid, Lilian received $100, $50 to put toward her studies and $50 to put toward supplies for her class. All Winners and Finalists received new text books on writing, which focus on writing professions, the fundamentals of writing, and essays/stories from renowned male and female authors. Congratulations, Lilian!!

Lilian writes, “My first time to own a pair of shoes was the day I passed my examination in primary [school]. . . . Now I am in form four [twelfth grade] doing my best to change my background.”

Lift the Lid’s current project at Mogonjet is to build a library; therefore, we’re giving Lilian’s essay to the Masters Family for their generous donation toward this goal. (Soon we’ll be sharing more details on our Library Project.)

This is Lilian’s winning essay:

Lilian Cherotich 6th Comp 1st Pl essay Mogonjet May 2016