We’d like to share this personal essay of trial and hope, and how an act of kindness can turn a life around. Reading our students’ essays can give you insight into the lives of children in other countries, show you the power of the human spirit, and prove that lives change for the better when we extend ourselves to others.

Emmaculate Chemtai placed 2nd in our 8th Annual Writing Competition at Lenana Girls’ High School in Kitale, Kenya. Her photo and winning essay are below. Here is a sampling of her writing:

“My life after Covid-19, it was just mourning in the whole village. I have a single parent and she died of Covid. ‘What next?’ I asked myself… Our neighbors ran away from me. My friends became my enemies. I cried, roaming around our compound with nowhere to go… I was thinking about education much more than anything else in this world, believed and still believe in the power of education….”

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