Sometimes kids need encouraging to take the next step when they know it will be the hardest they’ve ever had to work to succeed. Here’s a letter I wrote to our high schoolers and graduates, letting them know the impotence of continuing their education and that we believe in them 100%.

Dear Stephano, RJ, Reynald, Felicidad Fely, and Terie,

It looks like we made it through the worst of Covid and now with our vaccinations and booster shots, we can resume learning in person and invest fully once again in your futures, that they are healthy, happy, and prosperous!

The School in a Cart’s most important roles are providing the opportunities to grow mentally and spiritually and helping you navigate life’s challenges and tough decisions. Of course, our donors and I are your prayer warriors, as well! I’ve seen you grow up over the past eleven years, and we’ve experienced both hardships and setbacks as well as progress and achievements together. Let’s keep going!

I understand that you are faced with the decision of getting a job right away or continuing your schooling beyond high school. Please, understand that education is the path to a better future for yourself, your family, and your future family. The ability to advance yourself and live a better life is what we call here in the States the American Dream, but it applies absolutely everywhere.

I’m sure you know well that the jobs you can get straight out of high school do not provide stable work, have a pay cap, lack investment and health benefits, and may be dangerous or uninteresting. I believe If you take the time to achieve a college degree or technical training, you will find satisfying work and be able to elevate yourself and your family to a better position. We want to give you this opportunity by paying for your tuition and books because we’ve seen you work hard and make good decisions, and we believe in you and know that if you put your mind to it you will live that dream.

Please, turn to me with any questions or fears that might be standing in your way. I’m happy to communicate through letters and Alfredo. Perhaps, with my encouragement, you will see the importance of this next step in life. I can assure you that the years go by fast and before you know it you’ll be receiving your degree. From there, you can go after the jobs that interest you and pay well.

Positive change happens when we take positive steps forward. I’ve faced many life-changing decisions along the way, some incredibly difficult to make, and besides turning to prayer, I follow the simple advice of taking positive steps forward every day to arrive at a better place. You can do that, too!

Sending love and support,