Phase One Reopening in Covid-19 Times

CJ Talan playing guitar - SIAC - Nov4 2019

After months of not being able to talk to the kids at our Center in Cubao, the Philippines, they’re starting to come back after quarantine. When we could at last talk over video again, I cried to see their smiles!

We are so happy to report that everyone is Covid-free and ready for remote learning, which we’ll host at the Center. Our Center is open-air and all safety precautions are in effect according to government regulations in the Philippines. You’ll notice that they are not wearing masks in the photos. These children and teacher Nonie, who lives at the Center, are confirmed Covid-free and now isolating together.

CJ talan - Marinduque - painting mask - SIAC - Nov 2019

In the top photo is Nonie with Divine and Diego. In the second photo is Reynald wearing a printed shirt and Stephano beside him. We are planning ahead for our upcoming graduates so they will be able to continue their education or training.

Like many, we’ve been set back financially due to Covid-19. We are very understanding of the fact that we are not alone struggling to exist and that so many are grieving the loss of their loved ones, as well.
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